26 Best Funny Gift Ideas for Men

He doesn’t have to be an older man, but if he’s your favorite comedian then these gifts will make him feel like one! Whether you’re shopping for someone who loves funny stuff or just wants some good laughs at their next birthday party (or both), we’ve got the perfect present ideas. Of course there are always those rare instances where somebody gets everything – in which case this list might come too late… But don’t worry because all our picks below can still help out with that problem too.

1. Customized Face Socks

What will you put onto these custom-made face socks? The alternatives are almost endless! You might present a pair of socks with your very own face, the recipient face, one of you making an incredibly ridiculous face, or anything else you can imagine. Plus, they have over forty designs to choose from, including some borderline absurd alternatives. See more design custom picture socks

2. Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball – Made in the U.S.A.

This glass might not have a hole in it, however your favorite wacky golfer person will certainly think this present is a hole-in-one! A group of Wisconsin-based glass craftsmens handmades these glasses so you can take pleasure in sustaining musicians while also selecting an outstanding existing at a practical cost.

3. Beard Bib Apron for Guys

Are you intensely fed up with choosing beard shavings out of your toothbrush? We’ll never complain concerning our man doing a bit of grooming, however we will absolutely grumble about the mess left behind. If you’re tired of your sink looking like Chewbacca at the barbershop, after that you ought to most definitely get your guy, other half, or papa this beard cutting bib. It safeguards to the mirror to create a catch-all for flying littles hair, then allows for simple disposal into the trash or sink. We enjoy gifts that toe the line between absurd as well as unbelievably beneficial.

4. The Original A Glass Of Wine Condoms – Wine & Drink Container Stopper

A little creativity can go a long way, or at the very least, I’m sure that’s what the creators of the a glass of wine prophylactic really felt when they initially concocted this distinct problem solver. As we just discussed, gag presents don’t have to be just for laughs; they can likewise be reasonably beneficial. This red wine prophylactic is amusing to unwrap, even funnier to use, however surprisingly effective at maintaining opened bottles of red wine fresh as well as spill-free. Get it for a wine aficionado with a worthless funny bone.

5. 6-Stem Salami Arrangement

Are you buying a meat as well as potatoes sort of man? Well, then why not get him a bouquet that would fit his preferences? Bouquets aren’t just for flowers any longer; this includes six salami logs in flavors like Cacciatore, Chorizo Rioja, Loukanika, Saucisson Sec, Salami Nola, and Saucisson D’Alsace. Honestly, we really did not also understand there were this numerous kinds of salami, but we make certain the recipient will certainly be thrilled to try them all!

6. Westminster Butt Face Soap

We understand not all guys resemble this, but we’re quite sure a strong 37 percent of them simply make use of soap straight on their face and bodies without regard for what components the soap is touching. If your partner, bro, or pal drops within that 37 percent and also you can’t convince them to update to a clean cloth circumstance, they may at the very least be open to this double-sided soap. One side is etched to say “face,” while the reverse side claims “butt”; fingers crossed they will not accidentally cross-contaminate their soap sides.

7. Guys’s Ask Me Concerning My Ninja Disguise Flip T-Shirt

We’re struggling to think of a guy that wouldn’t like this t shirt, however we assume it may be ideal fit for those that never graduated from their class clown condition. If you understand a goofball that will do anything for a laugh, or at least, anything to display their toned body, this flippable ninja disguise t-shirt could be the winner. It would certainly make an awesome birthday celebration, Xmas, or an additional shock gift and also an useful shift for last-minute Halloween costumes.

8. 16 Parts Beard Ornaments

We’ve been seriously attempting to convince any type of and all of our bearded chums to do the beard shine trend circa 2015 hipster Instagram, however regretfully, our demands have been ignored for several years. This Christmas, we’re switching gears and begging them to allow us put ornaments in their beards. To be reasonable, bearded guys enjoy gifts related to their face hair because it makes them feel manly (according to the three bearded men we talked to), as well as what’s even more manly than transforming their crumb catcher right into an alternative Xmas tree?

9. Daddy Bag- Phony Beer Belly Waist Pack

Lastly, he can have the daddy body all the women want without drinking a million beers to attain it! This ridiculous fanny pack has a hyper-realistic hirsute stomach design, guaranteed to be a substantial hit at celebrations, concerts, tailgates, or various other events. Plus, he can totally fit some treats or audacious drinks inside for hands-free comfort.

10. The Gummy Bear Person – Globe’s Largest Gummy Bear

We would certainly such as every person to stop as well as assess what the gummy world might be like. Seriously, regular-sized gummy bears are smaller sized than gummy worms and don’t also obtain us began on gummy frogs or dolphins. Do you believe the worms terrify the various other gummy animals, or do the bears ride them around with saddles and little stetson? As well as lastly, where does this large gummy bear fit into the odd gummy community? If you can not choose either and need a consultation, we offer you complete permission to reword this rant in the card you write for the recipient of this large gummy bear.

11. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray

A few sprays of this poor child before your partner, bro, father, or best chum cops a squat, and also no one will also have the ability to inform what he depends on in there! This specific blend is called Trap-A-Crap– an expression we officially will have embeded our heads permanently– and also it’s developed with a mix of cedarwood as well as citrus crucial oils. This bottle might be tiny, but it appears to load a significant punch. Instead of rolling with containers of air freshener after the nose-offensive occurrence, the recipient could get 100 makes use of out of this two-ounce container of Poo-Pourri bathroom spray.

12. Dogfather Whiskey Glass

Make him a deal he can not decline by giving him this hilariously amusing “Dogfather” scotch glass. This rocks glass is best for any kind of whiskey lover who appreciates a revitalizing glass of bourbon, scotch, or bourbon practically as much as he enjoys his four-legged close friend. Set this gift with a container of his preferred liquor or some yummy deals with for the puppy that made him a canine father.

13. Emergency Underpants

We genuinely hope the recipient of these emergency underpants never really requires to use them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re buying a ridiculous gag gift for a man who is always running to the restroom, we suggest you leave the remainder of the gifts behind and also get a five-pack of these. This little, economical present would certainly make an amusing equipping glutton or white elephant present for your future workplace Xmas party.

14. Scented Candles – Mischievous Presents for Him

Are you struggling to discover the excellent gift for your husband, sweetheart, or male who’s not your male however is kind of your man? This cheeky candle could be an outstanding method to thank him for every little thing he’s done, specifically in the bed room. We think this would make an incredibly amusing Valentine’s Day or anniversary present for a pair with a sexy sense of decoration.

15. “May Contain Alcohol” Enamel Mug

This cup resembles it belongs in the tough hands of an outdoors type kicking back a crackling fire, switching journey stories with his equally lumberjack-clad good friends. Do you currently have a recipient in mind from that obscure description? Well, after that our job below is done, as well as you can go ahead and start obtaining the gift bag prepared. Otherwise, after that just keep scrolling, and also we’ll find you one more perfectly amusing gift for the man on your wish list.

16. Archie McPhee Handi Squirrel

We don’t understand why any individual would certainly need this squirrel-themed collection of finger puppets, today that we understand this exists, we need to get it for someone. This set of five-finger creatures changes the customer’s hand right into a squirrel, which will create unbelievable pranking possibilities on unwary victims or for dumb video clips on Tik Tok, both of which we’re massive followers of.

17. Shrimp Obama Magnet Decal

Okay, this might be a lot more arbitrary than the squirrel hand puppets, however something around this Obama shrimp magnet just makes us extremely satisfied. Could shrimp Obama resolve globe tranquility? Probably not. Could it make the recipient smile softly to themselves whenever they see the refrigerator? We believe it just might.

18. Novelty Area Drinker Drinking Headgear

While we have personally never ever attempted an alcohol consumption helmet, something concerning that hands-free convenience makes us want we might give it a go. This alcohol consumption safety helmet is the excellent present for any individual foolish adequate to use it, however specifically, we’re visualizing it at sporting events, tailgates, child showers, or dentists appointments. Okay, perhaps not those last two, however you get the idea.

19. Urinal Shot Glasses, Establish of 2

Yes, we are aware that there have been lots of potty-humor items on this present listicle thus far. Nonetheless, we can not guarantee that we’ll quit (in fact, we can basically verify that there will be a lot more). These urinal shot glasses make us feel a little unpleasant, which most likely indicates they’re best for the most absurd guy you recognize!

20. The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Barbecuing can be hazardous work, however fortunate for your daddy, boyfriend, grandpa, or coworker, this uniqueness apron aids keep everything they need within reach. The Rambo aspirant in your life will certainly be gotten ready and prepared for whatever the grill tosses at him once he wears this cool camouflage apron with lots of pockets as well as a silly ammunition strap.

21. Chia Pet Dog ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic with Seed Load

With extraordinary classics like “Amish Paradise” and also “White & Nerdy,” Weird Al Yankovic has left a cultural mark that a number of us are reluctant to admit had great power in the very early 2000s. We believe it’s time for everybody to embrace the hilariously punny job that Weird Al has gifted us with, and also we can’t think about a better means than this Unusual Al Chia Animal. Plus, there are plenty of various other celebrity Chia Animal options, so you might assist him start a brand-new odd collection!

22. Nessie Ladle Spoon

Whether or not you believe in the Sea serpent, we can all agree that this Nessie Ladle is an adorable and also funny gift for your preferred chef. This Nessie spoon is able to scoop up all of that slushy goodness from the depths of a pot as well as serve it in amusing style. It comes in three shades– turquoise, green, and purple– so you could obtain one for everybody on your listing!

23. Bigfoot Search Team Stemless Glass

Do you recognize an outdoorsy guy with a funny bone? We think this would certainly be a hilarious present for a passionate walker or someone who works outdoors. Truthfully, if you’re trying to find what to get for your Saturday early morning hiking crew, these stemless glass are absolutely it. The tumblers are not only funny, yet they’re additionally a generous 30 ounces– excellent for staying moisturized while on the hunt for the huge blurry guy.

24. Dinosaur Taco Holder – Children Plastic Uniqueness Taco Plate

So indeed, the title does say that these dinosaur taco owners are for children, but we do not require that sort of negativeness in our lives, so allow’s simply neglect that bit. These tacosaurs are for every person, not simply the young! And more particularly– that wouldn’t want to consume their tacos out of a dinosaur? The set of two consists of a brontosaurus as well as a triceratops so the recipient can also show to a lucky visitor!

25. Papa Joke Button

Do you recognize an older male that is having a bit extra problem fracturing the dad jokes nowadays? For those uncommon minutes when he’s stuck and also can not think of any kind of witty comments or cringe-worthy jokes, this amusing button will certainly be up to the daddy joke job! This button has more than 50 groan-evoking daddy jokes simply a touch away. It’s additionally ideal for new fathers that require assistance obtaining excellent product prior to their kids are too old!

26. Pizza Box Socks- 4 Pairs Mix

Right here is an additional foolish option for guys that delight in cool clothing. A vivid set of socks can be the ideal tricky addition to an or else neutral clothing, so certainly, we’re huge fans of fashionable socks. This set consists of 3 different “tastes”– Hawaiian, Pepperoni, and Italian, along with a set that looks like fluffy pizza crusts. All of the socks got here rolled up in a pizza box to resemble an excellent pizza pie!

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