Gifts For Mountain Bikers To Help Them Reach New Heights

Mountain bikers are other types, brave and nonstop danger! Mountain biking is a feeling of pure freedom! We have a gift for mountain bike riders to help them reach new heights!

MTB Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain Bike MTB Helmet

The most important equipment that can be owned by mountain bike riders after mountain bikes, of course, is a nice helmet. This helmet has a strong PC shell, and the coated is high-quality EPS foam. Visors are removed, making this helmet suitable for mountain biking and road cycling. The rope can be adjusted, and the helmet is available in several colors.

Repair kit

This all-in-one bicycle repair kit includes a multi-tool, tire lever, and other items to help fix mountain bike problems that are common. There are also detailed instructions, step by step, and the whole kit is quite small to fit the jersey pocket.

Skull helmet liner hat

Mountain Biker helmets are not intended for warm; They are intended for aerodynamics, so they have a lot of ventilation. It was great in summer but not so great in winter. This skull lid matches any helmets and helps keep the head warm. Made of 89% polyester and 11% spandex, the lid is one of the most suitable sizes.

Bicycle light

Good bicycle light is the most important safety equipment that can be owned by mountain bike riders after a nice helmet. This bicycle light offers 2400 lumens which turns on the path of up to 300 meters. Refill batteries offer up to six hours of life in moderate brightness mode. Light easily sticks to any bike handlebars, and there is free tail light. This is a good gift if you are worried for your loved ones when they come out on the path.

Set Cycling Wicking Moisture

Moisture Wicking Cycling Set

If you are looking for a gift idea for mountain motorbike riders, you will never be wrong with the cycling kit because they can never have too much! The most important quality is durability and breath; Wet clothes and sweating can be dangerous in cold temperatures. This set makes a remarkable gift. Made of high quality polyester, it is durable, lightweight, moisturizing-wicking, and breathing. Jersey has three perfect rear bags for storing bottled water, snacks, and multi-tools.

Metal wall art

This wall art is my favorite gift on the list; It’s very unique and beautiful! Made of steel 16 gauge lightly, the pieces are easily hung from the hanger behind; You only need a nail to hold it. This section measures 30 inches wide by 19 inches high, and there are several other sizes available.

Inbike Jacket.

A warm jacket means longer on a bicycle, so this is one of the best gifts for mountain motorbikes, and it’s good for runners too. 100% polyester jacket, waterproof, and windproof while still offering breath. The thermal layer is made of two-sided polar feathers for the final warmth.

Stylish socks

Dressy Socks

You can’t be on a bicycle all the time, but you can take the spirit of the bike wherever you go with a fun socks it from sending it! Made of a mixture of cotton, nylon, and spandex, they have a little stretch and light and comfortable.

Oakley glasses

Sunglasses can beat when you are in the interior on a bicycle, but this oakley can beat. They are light but sturdy, and the prizm lens increases the color for a sharper vision. Sunglasses are available in several colors.

Summer cycling jacket

This jacket is intended for summer vehicles. Light and breathable and have been treated to make it resistant to UV light so you can avoid sunburn. The jacket has a bag behind and is made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

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