ROFL-worthy Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

You don’t need to get married to celebrate together, so if you are looking for a suitable birthday present for a girlfriend, we have found a collection of funny gifts, sarcastic, and some really inappropriate that will make it ROFL. In your curved sense of humor. Tell him you love him without porridge.

You, me, bowchickabowwow venn diagram mug

You, Me, Bowchickabowwow Venn Diagram Mug

If you plus he adds something spectacular, this Venn diagram mug makes a birthday gift ideal for your girlfriend. Printed on both sides, he held a respectable 11oz.

Custom boxer pants

Available in 7 sizes, this boxer boxer pants will ensure you are never far from his mind, because you can make your face print aaalllll on it!

Sleepy Head Personal Pillow Cover

Even when you separate, your face will be the last thing he saw before he slept, and the first thing he saw when he got up with this super soft pillowcase.

Your VOO Personal Voodoo Dolls

He will be aswry with your voo soft and pleasant doll (and piercing if you fall) and come with your own face printed.

Kiss cat coffee couple mug set

Kiss Cat Coffee Couple Mug Set

Leave something more than a coffee stain on a table with a pair of adorable mugs that, when placed together, sharing a good romantic kiss. They made a birthday gift Porrfect.

Hollabears Shawty You’re fine like Damn Teddy Bear

Combine the sentiment with this Snark with this super soft Hollabear. Sitting at 10 “height, he holds your heart red who will tell your girlfriend exactly how you see it!

I love you more than I hate your fart

When you love someone, you have to ignore their mistakes. This keychain will tell him how big you love him, and according to the carving, it’s a lot!

Hey nerd I love you keychain

Maple plywood disk on this key chain is equipped with a pleasant message to nerds in your life, and served with a choice of greeting cards (which are actually inappropriate).

Personalized heat change mug

Place your cup in the cup, and every time he sits for coffee, he will remind you. Sensitive heat, it changes from black with you when filled.

Never find your body card

Looks like something from a criminal thought, this birthday card relaxes on the front, and hiss inside. Perfect for girlfriends with crooked thoughts.

I like his beard, I like the coffee cups of his ass

There is a prize for him and one for yourself too, in a suitable set of mugs that tell the world what you like the most from each other.

Funny socks

Funny Socks

Do you tell or he asks? With a toe offered, these socks will take the words out of your mouth – put your feet just put your feet.

You are my favorite person card

If staying in is a new one out, this birthday card says it’s all. ‘You’re my favorite person to be an antisocial with’ is the perfect message for introverts everywhere.

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