The most famous board games of all time

Big game publishers report sales records at pandemic. During the curfew and a contact ban, a family game, especially the board game, returned to the playroom at home. However, board games are the perfect way to keep children busy and spend time too. You can meet friends in the virtual world to play online board games. One or another of 10 top matches can be found in the game portfolio of every household. Anyone who has a casing game or a game collection will definitely have one of the top ten top board matches at home – it means, don’t be annoyed. Classic games are part of basic equipment in every range of games.


The new game landed in the 10th place and thus in the last place in the top 10 top matches azul. This is a colorful, tactical, and placement game called games in 2018 and also won German gift gifts. The Royal Portugal Palace Wall is decorated with art with small tiles designed magnificently. On the board, the players tried to score as many points as possible using a combination of colored tiles. Now there are several variants of the game, but they all have the same purpose, the palace is beautifully decorated.

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against

This is an Unofficial Expansion for a similar game. based on the much loved TV series, the Office. A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium.

Thousands of people have since enjoyed them! Advantages of cards against office.


Among board games are chess games that have special cultural meanings throughout the world. The game strategy is played on every continent and has long reached cult status for a long time. Whether chess tournament, chess competition, chess world championship – this game is now regarded as a sport and has been formed strongly in our culture in Europe since the 13th century no later than. Tactical games of course do not lack popularity and chess boards, with chess pieces, queens, kings, bishops, horses, rooks and paws, including in every collection of good games. We only reached the 9th place in the top ten because of the high demands of concentration and therefore can only be played with two people.

Labyrinth crazy

The crazy labyrinth

The Crazy Labyrinth, ranked 8th in our top ten board match, was released in 1986 and was rated by Ravensburger (to the website) of the best sellers in a short time. After his appearance, the board game landed directly on the short list for the 1986 match – but the detective game won Heimlich & Co. prizes. Today, the maze game with a square board board and a square maze tile that you move back and forth on the board is one of the classics in children’s rooms. With a good understanding of things and sufficient concentrations, you can secure your own property one by one and block the path to your opponent. Now there are several maze versions and one with the same business card game.


The most popular detective game is a classic Cluedo board game. First of all that appeared in 1959 in German-speaking countries under the title ‘who was a detective?’ . You must complete the murder case by combining different instructions and smart questions. Through targeted actions, you can know exactly where the crime scene, what the weapon is and, above all, who killer is. By using dice, incidentally also plays a certain role in the game trip. With more than 320 solutions that might be different, the game always takes a different turn and is not boring even after playing it several times. With us, Cluedo landed in 7th place in 10 top matches.

Game of Life

Game of Life

Game Parlor Life game was published in Germany in 1980. The purpose of this game is to go through all stages of life – from high school to retirement – and to accumulate as many capital as possible. The individual’s career steps you are going through. Learn or work, start family, financing and collect various status symbols converted to money at the end of the game. Rotate on the wheel of luck determine which step you can take. In the end, luck decides how fast you get there. There are only a few places in the game where you can make a decision. As a family game, he provides entertainment for children and young adults. In our top ten, the board game was ranked 6th in the midfield.


One classic game board game is called the game risk. With us, tactical games make it to put 5 in the middle of the top ten. When playing, diplomacy, tactics, and a little luck are very important. The purpose of this game is to conquer the area, continents or even the whole world. You have to dissolve your opponent’s forces. You must fulfill certain tasks using a different assignment card. This game is determined by the size of the army, their strategic use and luck with dice. Even if the main theme of board games is ‘war’, which may seem scary for some players, tactical challenges are in the foreground here in terms of anything.



The Letter Board the scrabble game must be calculated between the top 10 board games. Together we occupy the 4th place of famous board games. Words on the game board must be put together using individual letters tiles. By directing it, you can collect several letters or values ​​of words in 60 bonus fields. The game was launched in 1931 under the appointment of Lexico developed and brought to the market. Scrabble the name of the game is only registered in the patent office in 1948 and the board game has brought this name since then.

Catan settlers

The Construction Agency of the Catan settlement was published in 1995 by the Cosmos-Verlag and reached its title directly in the 1995 match. In addition, interesting strategy board games were launched with a very good German game award. Since then, many have occurred around settlers. Now there are many game expansion and board games are made on the 20th birthday opportunity in 2015 in Catan – the game is renamed. Friends Catan will find a very interesting one on this website that handles exclusively with the world of Catan. This game is worth the 3rd place in the latest 10 list of the best board games.

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