Beach Gifts For Sun, Sand & Surf Lovers

Sometimes you only need a few days on the beach to relax. The soothing sound of the sea, the aroma of salt in the air, the sand between our toes is all extraordinary. If you are looking for gifts for people you always find where the sea and sand meet, this beach gift will be right in their alley.

Sand beach towels and waterproof

Nobody likes sandy ass. Keep the sand from the gaps with this giant beach mat which is sand and water repellment. Matt-free sand beaches have dual-layer mesh technology that makes the sand fall on it disappear. The layer in the sand is soft, smooth quickly clean clean from dirt or stain. Easily folded into a compact zipper tote with padded transport rope for easy transportation and BPA free phthalate machines that can be washed without chemical odor.

Drinks at Tote Go

You will love this super cute canvas wine bag that can save and pour up to 2 bottles of wine in a zippered pocket insulated secretly. This is the perfect amount to be shared with your friends at your next concert, beach, or promise. You can easily load Portovino with your favorite Rosé, or any drink and it’s quite roomy to fit all your barangsat: keys, wallets, cellular phones, books, laptops, or beach towels in separate main compartments.

Towel anchor clip.

In the windy days on the beach, the towels always blow, and the sand rises on a towel. Even without strong winds, moving on a towel made it constantly fold, the sand climbed up, and the towel didn’t seem to stay flat and tight. Instead of looking for rocks or using your sandals, you can push the stake easily to the sand in all four corners or aside.

Glass Beach

Beach glass patent balls and stem design holding upright glasses in the sand, grass, and snow. Glass makes beautiful conversation pieces and can add to the touch of elegance and innovation for special events or days on the beach. Ideal drinking equipment for concert and outdoor wedding, picnic, camping and fishing, snow, or in the pool. And they are floating!

Shake mesh beach tote

Even they like the beach they don’t want to take it home. Canvas coated expels water, the layer’s interior includes a zipper pocket for valuables, and the soft plastic rope will not be separated from your shoulder. Displays additional insulated cooling bag parts with flexible soft liners that are easily cleaned, perfect for keeping your food and drinks stay cold and fresh. The attribute of this picnic cooler bag makes the bag must be for every beach lover. Equipped with a free bonus waterproof cellphone case.

Water case

Perfect protection. This universal waterproof case prevents cellphones, ID, credit card, cash, MP3 player, telephone, and key from water and other damage. Perfect for swimming, surfing, fishing, white water rafting, and even skiing so they can get leading selfies for Instagram while hanging in the water.
Each case has a lanyard that can be removed and waterproof up to 100 feet.

Dock and Bay Beach Towel

Dock & Bay has changed the game and created a unique & comfortable beach towel – the most stylish travel towel around. Honesty is the best policy. And microfiber is not cotton. This is a microfiber! High quality 220gsm microfiber, polyester mixture / 20% polyamide 80%. Microfiber fabric feels different, thin & strong like ‘shammy’, smooth to touch, direct sand brush. This makes a compact & light microfiber, super absorbent & fast drying. The perfect beach is important.

Take me to the beach tumbler

Take me to the beach! Tumbler Travel 22oz with metallic gold printing is an amazing gift for beach lovers or sun goddesses in your life. Pair it with a sister beach, please tumbler and a bottle of wine for the perfect gift basket.

Tropical beach cocktail kit

Get start and creative parties with this cocktail kit. Decorate the drinks you serve in parts with fun and festive cocktail decorations on this cocktail kit! Have a friend who is a cocktail connoisseur? Or someone who likes adorable decorations in their drinks? This is a gift for them! Kits include cocktail shaker, typical party straws, coasters, stirrers, umbrellas, and recipes guides.

Cooling watermelon bag

This watermelon bag is officially a national obsession, so join the party! This cool bag will not only keep your drink cool, it also functions as a very funny wallet. Your beach game keeps getting more epic. Made of matte skin waterproof or microfiber bag with matte leather handle.

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