Clever Gag Gifts for the Lighthearted Women in Your Life

When you are looking for gag gifts for women, you must know the person you bought. That’s why we have compiled this list – containing gag gifts that fit every taste and personality. Rough, cute, not polite or just funny, whoever you buy (or diying) to be fulfilled perfectly.

Mother juice wine glass

Mom Juice Wine Glass

Mother stand with their fair part, so let them have a little wine myself! This gradual glass accommodates 17 ounces, enough to sink the noise around (aka children), and bear the ‘mother juice’ legend so that her offspring is not wiser. And because it’s not too difficult to drop a bonus!

Do not talk! Coffee cup

This 13 ounce glass mug is a big joke gift for women who don’t want to shout! If your wife or mother needs coffee before a conversation, this is a mug for them. In white letters Stark, he left Oncomer not hesitant about the willingness of drinkers to speak – one sip at a time.

Troll Socks.

Troll has made a comeback, but which adorns this adorable socks directly from the 80s. Available in three colors and patterns (bananas split, pink polka dot party, and electric youth), these socks, with their iconic hair design, make a big joke gift for any woman who likes her legs tingle!

Nice clothing mat

This mat will make a big prize for women who like them, and no matter who knows it! He will feel as if all the eyes are on him when he stands at the door, and will have a tiny part of him wondering whether – maybe – there is a mirror hidden between coconut fibers.

Adult coloring book life mother

Mom Life Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Take a little of your time (or rather, a little red, yellow or blue), with an adult coloring book #momlife snarky. It’s better than banging your head from the nearest brick wall, this disrespectful arty fact is full of funny pictures to be colored, while you relieve stress and feel brotherhood on each page.

Good wife’s guide

This book may contain 19 rules for keeping a happy husband, but if you only follow a rule to keep a happy wife, making it ‘Don’t give him this book unless you’re good at ducking’! Full of the ‘helpful’ instructions on how to keep your man happy, it is a big joke gift for women with GSOH.

I prefer to be a short book

They say the best things come in small packages, and this little book (see what we did there?) Celebrate it. “I prefer to be short ‘paying respect for a tiny woman with all the reasons why, sometimes, less. Perfect as a joke gift for the Diva is being devoted, it will make them feel a tall ten feet.

Shower Squids.

Every woman will shower you with thank you when you bestow one (or more) from this extraordinary shower squid. Beautiful and practical, these squid have nine tentacles that can be adjusted to hold all the pampering products in one place, right where he needs it. They will even hold the bottle upside down, so there is no waste.

Small accident that is happy intelligence & wisdom bob ross

Gifts like bosses with Bob Ross, everyone’s favorite artist. This book summarizes unique Ross about life, and of course gives reader food to think about when they are tortuous through a page full of the deepest painter and thinking. Not a mistake you find this book, it’s just a pleasant accident.

Word Swear coloring book

Swear Word Coloring Book

Is the recipient not lucky or out of something rhymes with him, this coloring book is a perfect joke gift for women who want to curse but don’t want anyone to hear it! With 27 pages filled with animals and swearing words, he can use the most colorable language that can be imagined – there is no assessment.

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