Creative & Unique 6 Year Anniversary Gifts

6-year traditional birthday gift is iron, its strength that represents the long-term durability of your relationship. Even though there are modern alternatives, we like what iron symbolizes, and you might be surprised by the ideas of this sixth birthday present – for him and him.

Lilin holder

Made of heavy, sturdy, and beautiful cast iron, the set of three candle holders still managed to look tiny and elegant. Pair them with some taper candles dipped by hand to complete the scene for a romantic dinner for two years in the warning of your wedding, Valentine’s Day, or your night.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cast Iron Dutch OvenCast Iron Dutch Oven

When a lot of thinking about “cast iron,” their minds often go to Crockpot Classic, A.K.K.A Dutch oven. Iron creates optimal heat retention, allows many cooking techniques to be used in one pot – from sautéing and frying to grilling, boiling, boiling, baking, and baking.

Cast iron bottle opener

If he is always popping up, he will like the Badass bottle opener. The hand bottle opener and arm of this skeleton made a pleasant birthday gift paired with bottled drinks but also a great stuffer stocking.

4-tier staircase

This iron and wooden shelves reminiscent of rural stairs and is an easy way to change rooms that need additional shelves. It made a birthday gift sixth wedding home decor inspired. Throw in some of their fave books, or some friendly plants, for a touch of bonus.

Kettlebell Weight.

Kettlebell Weights

No one said the “6th wedding anniversary gift” to the gym fanatics like cold iron kettlebell. Kettlebells is a fitness “Swiss army knife” which can be used for squat, throwing, snatches, and swings to develop strength, power, and durability.

Capture dish all

This beautiful iron bowl is a perfect and direct iron birthday gift. It makes an excellent catch for locks, jewelry, and loose changes and can be personalized with any text. This is then finished with the “hammer” or modern view “traditional or modern”.

Japanese teapot with cups

Do you know that cooking in iron pots or making tea in it scientifically proven to increase someone’s iron intake? Apart from that fact, this cast iron tea set makes a great gift for tea lovers. Gift boxes include kettle, four cups of tea, trivet stand, and wooden lid holders.

Beer can hold a chicken holder

Who said the traditional gift was boring? Chicken drinks – infusion ensure a moist, flavorful, and sharp golden leather. Just pour your favorite beer cans (soda, wine, or spices) into the iron roaster, add fresh herbs and garlic, and place all the chicken on it.

Hair styling tool holder

Hair Styling Tools Holder

When you are late, nothing is worse than having to search through a drawer full of hair tools – all of which are guaranteed to have a strap tied. This hair tool holder can be elegant to have a dryer, curling iron, and flat iron and make a super unique 6-year wedding anniversary.

Spice grinding set.

This grinder is a sophisticated tool to destroy fresh spices or whatever needs to be destroyed. You can even save spices that are not used under the beechwood lid. This is a truly useful and modern gift for your 6th Lovefest year.

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