Gag Food Gifts That Are Surprisingly Tasty

Buying gifts for people can feel rather boring. Every year, we want to buy something different and get something that tops a gift last year. Our edible gag gift list will be what you are looking for. From the DIY ugly cupcake to Bacon Gumball, there must be a perfect gift in it.

Bacon Kit Emergency.

If you or someone you know loves bacon, then this is a gift for them. In the first aid box, you will find everything you need to cure the meat’s desire. Meat salt mixture and rub sugar maple is perfect for waist and roast while the two jam it will run well on burgers or vegetables.

Spicy bean slap ‘n’

No one wants sweet or spicy bean slap, which sounds painful! But Sriracha’s beans are a definite sack of beans kicking hot. Sweet butter, sweet butter takes the tip and makes them a delicious gift joke for the bean lover you know.

Coal candy.

Even if they have put it in the Santa naughty list, it doesn’t mean they have to miss finding something in their stocking on Christmas morning. This delicious cinnamon taste candy looks exactly like a coal lump and will make a funny crow gift for Christmas.

Crickets that can be eaten by Jimini

This is not for the weak heart. Millions that can eat Jimini may sound like that from Disney films, but some will say they will be better in horror films. Crickets are full of vitamins and nutrients so if you know someone who is willing to give them away, they will be a great joke gift.

Poop Emoji Chocolates.

Not many people will say they are willing to eat shit. But what about something that looks like dirt? Poop emoji adorable and many people fall in love with him. This gag gift is a “poop” chocolate gift and tell someone that you think they are damn.

Harcos Labs Zombie Jerky Teriyaki

Like the sound of eating zombie brains? No, we also don’t change it to Dendy’s zombie and we will try it! In a world that is disturbed by zombies, the best way to get rid of their bodies after you kill them is turning it into jerky. Good food gift for obsessed zombies.

Brown chocolate boozy sprouts

Sprouts. You love them or hate them. For some people, they are the worst part of a delicious Christmas dinner. This sprout has been given delicious makeovers. Made of white and dark chocolate with a liquid gin-infusion center, you will change the haters of sprouts into a shooting lover. This Christmas perfect food gift.

Bean Boozled Jelly Belly Spinner

The gift jokes are perfect for carrying on Christmas … or anytime this year. See if you are on a nice list of Santa or naughty. Just look at spinners and see where the land landed. If you are good, you get Tutti Frutti Bean. But if you are naughty, you get a pleasant smell socks. Ew.

Don bugito snack insects are easily eaten

The large source of protein, insect that can be eaten is a big step from our comfort zone when it comes to food. But for some adventurous soul, they will be willing to give this quite happy. Give this food gift to someone and see if they are brave enough to chew this.

Sizzling Bacon Novelty Exploding Candy

We all remember candy popping. All we have to do is pour it into the tongue and theira is happy when it appears and is revoked. Well, are you willing to try bacon? This classic food has been given savory makeovers and will make the food gift very good.

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