Gag Gifts for Geeks

Comic books, computer games, technology, science and many are included in this extraordinary list of joke gifts. Compiled by God Geek, you can be sure that nerds in your life will be happy, laugh or appreciate whatever you buy from this list.

USB I’m your father! T shirts.

Get a joke prize that will be perfect for geek in your life. Star Wars shirts are inspired by comfortable and high-quality thanks to 100% cotton designs. Ideal for geeks around the world, this t shirt has a USB and a floppy disk with a well-known offer of famous film series.

Thinkgeek easy-open unicorn meat cans

Add some luster to your diet with this cute canned unicorn meat, perfect for nerds! Easy access can contain crispy, delicious, sparkling unicorn meat for the comfort of your meal. Good joke gifts because they can actually contain plush toys! Surprise and shocked with this cool new item.

Never forget graphics shirts

Remember the past with this cool geek shirt. With a picture of a floppy disk, video tape, and the cassette is printed on the front, you can confirm anyone who saw you never forget the history of the computer. Comfortable and great quality. Exceptional gift.

High socks pencils 2 pencils

Yellow Pencil No.2 with iconic and classic as stationery. This new knee-high socks commemorates the greatness which is No.2. Look amazing, high quality and very comfortable and warm, these socks will make the perfect addition to the wardrobe everywhere.

Super Mario Undies.

Find and save your own daughter with a plumber we all know and love: Mario. This theft has a super mario design that is dynamic and bright printed on the front and fast. Thanks to breathing design, this brief is comfortable and perfect for each and every occasion or sightseeing.

Geek Speak Magic Ball Novelty Gag Gift

This new magic ball is a perfect joke gift for geeks, nerds, and computer lovers worldwide. Contains answers related to internet and fun computers, you can ask for whatever magical ball you want and be affixed as you do. Have fun, this is a great work of conversation.

Pizza cut the bow degree

Bring math into the pizza equation with this extraordinary pizza cutter bow, designed to slice the pizza into a perfect fraction. Learn and eat, when you measure and cut the perfect slices of pizza at any time. Cooking for 2? No problem. Cooking for 7? It’s still not a problem. Pizza lice and lovers rejoice!

Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps

Get nostalgia in the bathroom with soap bar which is very detailed and very pleasant. Designed to look like a classic Nintendo 64 cartridge, you can clean with your favorite video game. With the beautiful orange fragrance of energy it smells amazing, and even vegan friendly.

What guess? Chicken ass t-shirts

What does this guess? Butt chicken shirt is an ideal addition to the geek wardrobe. Fun jokes gifts, they can pick their belongings with their tail hair in the air when they leave. Made of 100% cotton, comfortable, durable and everything is amazing. Period.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Make every day 4th with this cool waffle iron. Able to make waffles that look like Millennium Falcon, Star Wars fans everywhere can have their favorite Starship shaped waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day. Non sticky surface, stainless steel makes this gift better.

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