Gifts For Kayakers That Will Really Float Their Boat

Kayak is a great way to enjoy the wild. The sun, fresh air, open water, excellent arm exercise! We have 30 great prizes for kayaks that really float their boats!

Compass Watch.

Sometimes you are too far from the grid to rely on GPS. In this case, you must go to the old school and use Kompas. This watch also functions as a compass! Not only that, it has a tide tracker and a thermometer that measures the temperature of the air and water. In addition, waterproof watches up to 100 meters.

Floating cooler

There is not much space inside like, but what is the day on water without cold drinks and some snacks? This small cooler floats, attached to kayak! Don’t let the small size fool you. This cooler holds a lot! It has a capacity of 15 liters and can accommodate up to 15 cans of twelve ounces and ten pounds of ice. The top has two drink holders, and the cooler can relax ice up to 24 hours.


If they are kadded in a calm waters, wet suit is not a necessity, but if they are sightseeing in white, a wetsuit makes a big prize. This neoprene coat is very stretchy, has a fast dry layer, and sealed and liquidly taped waterproof. This lawsuit is considered to be as low as 48 degrees Fahrenheit and is available in several sizes.

Pelican case.

Pelican kasing can hold the phone, GoPro camera, or other small electronics. This case is waterproof up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 3.3 feet. This case is rigid to help protect the content, the clip allows you to safely attach it to the bag or belt, the top allows you to see text messages, and bright colors make it easy to find into the water. Pelican makes a good stocking.

Water bottle

This stainless steel water bottle is specifically designed for kayak. This bottle accommodates 30 ounces and is equipped with mesh bags and bungee ball latching systems so that it can be secured to kayaks and always easy to reach.


Let him wear a small piece of his hobby every day with this funny pendant kayak 3D 3D and necklace. The chain is sterling silver too and a length of 18 inches. The necklace arrived in the gift box, ready to give gifting.


Small things like cold weather (and cold water) don’t stop the diligent kayaker from a great outdoor adventure! Wetsuit waterproof but not waterproof. The perfect solution is Wetsuit under Drysuit! This is DrySuit. The lawsuit is made of nylon with a latex wrist and ankle seal and zipper back waterproof. The lawsuit is available in several sizes.

NRS paddled jacket.

Some like prefer not to wear full suit. For the Paddler, this paddling jacket is an excellent alternative. The jacket is waterproof and protects the wearer from the wind and rain. Jackets are available in several sizes and three colors.

Water shoes

The best gift for Kayaker is those who make their loved ones more comfortable, so this water shoes are a good gift idea. The shoes breathe and made of dry material dry. They provide a stretch that is comfortable, soft and flexible, and non-slip. Shoes are perfect for all water sports, unisex, available in several sizes and colors. Of course, the basee is very good for the beach too.

NRS LifeJacket PDF.

Good lifejacket is very important for kayak, paddle boarding, and canoe; First safety! This lifejacket has a low-profile, flexible fit, a large zipper pocket for keys, ID, and other important things. This jacket is designed with 16.5 pound flotation and gets US Coast Guards certification. Jackets are available in three sizes and three colors.

Kayak paddle.

Dayak like this has an aluminum alloy shaft and a fiberglass reinforced polypropylen bar. This paddle is suitable for more than 5’55 “and like a length of 24 to 28 inches, the length of the standard, and those who are beginners or middle kayers. Paddles come with Leash paddles to secure them to kayaks. The right tool makes pedaling wind!

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