Incredibly Unique Anniversary Jewelry for a Thoughtful, Heartfelt Gift

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first warning or your 50th, every milestone deserves a special token to mark the opportunity. This unique birthday gift list will give you some extraordinary

ideas, because each is unusual, wise, and sincere. A pair of cuffs containing a piece of your wedding dress will bring a lump into his throat, or what about the necklace based on the art of Japanese Kinsugi to make it melted?

Kaleidoscope necklace.

Kaleidoscope Necklace

Give him an amazing reminder of childhood with this beautiful kaleidoscope necklace. Complete with a silver chain 24 “sterling, this small kaleidoscope really works, and displays three mirror surfaces that reflect small granules of colored sea glasses and recycled glass because they form a pattern that changes in it.

Future necklace future

If he likes his jewelry a little different, this past, now, the night necklace will make an amazing choice. Deferred on the silver chain 18 “, this necklace displays three rings to represent the oxidized rings for the past, glittering gold for the future, and silver to describe here and now.

Month of birth flower necklace

Give interest to fade and wither with one of these beautiful moon flower necklaces. Located in a silver plated brass bezel will be a real dried flower to represent his birthday. Arrested in resin, the whole pendant hung sweetly on the silver sterling chain 18 “.

Personalized Birch Love

This personalized cuff will make an extraordinary birthday gift, because it plays on the innocence of young love. Thrown from the genuine birch tree, this cuff is made of brass to capture the texture of the tree, and will include two sets of initials ‘carved’ to ‘Trunk’.

Custom stone worries necklace

Worry Stone Custom Photo Necklace

Stone concern is an extraordinary way of tactile to relieve stress and bring the mind back to the present when the surface is softly rubbed between the fingers and thumb. This silver and gold-plated version adds To8ch which is truly private because they combine photos of loved ones to add more comfort.

Custom favorite natural memories earrings

If he has a special place he holds dear, turn into a pair of amazing earrings so he can bring his place with him forever. Handmade of sterling silver, these teardrop earrings will display parts of the photo of your choice, which is wrapped in resin to remain safe and beautiful.

Diamond Bolt Necklace Lightning Bolt

If the sparks fly the first time you meet, still feel it with this amazing lightning bolt necklace. Made from 18k gold vermeil, lightning bolts are arranged with diamond slices that have not been cut so that they sparkle and shine with every movement when hung on a 14.5 “chain of 14.5” can be adjusted.

Cufflink custom love letter

It might be difficult to find unusual birthday jewelry gifts for men, but this series of cuffs is a beautiful exception. Handmade of brass, this beautiful small envelope is really open to reveal the smallest wooden love letters, which can be carved with a special message or a simple ‘I love you’.

Lace’s heart necklace dipped

Precious Dipped Lace Heart Necklace

Lace is one of the most romantic fabrics around, which makes this pendant truly sentimental. Handmade by Colombian craftsmen, real lace is cut into a heart shape before it is dipped into a candle and then gold, to produce an amazing lacy gold pendant that shows every beautiful nuance.

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