The 14 Best Personalized Gifts for a Unique Touch

Everyone experiences the joy of receiving an item made just for them. Make someone feel extra special with a personalized gift—be it monogrammed, custom-made or otherwise! We’ve brought together our favorite picks that will let your loved one know you truly care about them and their interests. Surprise somebody today with something crafted to make sure they’re remembered forever!

Name Necklace

A personalized name necklace is a gift that your loved ones will remember forever! Whether you choose an elegant script font, a whimsical hand-drawn style, or another unique design, the perfect name necklace is sure to be a hit this holiday season. With so many options available, you can easily find something special for everyone on your list. Presenting a name necklace will show your loved ones how much they mean to you and will become a cherished keepsake that they can look back on with fond memories.

Festive ribbons

Adding a touch of personality to any presents, Namemaker’s customizable ribbon is the ideal way to show someone you care. With several colors and fonts options available, this beautiful 10-yard spool can be printed with up to two last names – perfect for large families or kids who have lots of birthday parties! Plus it takes mere seconds to loop into stylish bunny ears; now that’s making gift giving easier and more fun than ever.

Egg-cellent produce

Our discovery of chicken-keeping’s newfound popularity was a real eggstraordinary surprise to us! For the passionate poultry parent on your list, why not get them an unexpected treat like this personalized vintage-style Egg Stamp? It may take some practice but once they master it, their eggs will be making quite the fashionable statement. A perfect way for anyone in charge of a brood to stand out from all the other chickens!

A notebook they’ll want to write in

Choose the perfect notebook to express your feelings this season! My home is filled with custom Papier notebooks, artfully crafted and tailored just for that special someone. With a beautiful two-tone hardback cover in multiple color combos plus customized monogramming – it’s designed to inspire joy with its characterful features. Let those heartfelt notes of appreciation come alive on 96 pages of lined, plain or bullet dotted paper without any pesky ink feathering or page bleed-throughs. Your sentiment will be sure to sparkle this holiday season!

An embroidered cap

Embroidered baseball caps are a great way to add some style and flaunt your personality. With VistaPrint you can choose from 10 different hat colors, 50 thread options and dozens of fonts – it’s almost too good to pass! Recently I gave a special gift — an all white cap embroidered with black letters that said “Fix It in Post”– the perfect phrase for my videographer friend. These thoughtful gifts don’t have be expensive when shopping at VistaPrint; they’re high quality yet surprisingly budget-friendly!

A handy pouch

Madewell’s leather clutch is a stylish, go-anywhere accessory that Wirecutter staffers adore. This beautiful bag has soft leather and multifunctional inner pockets – perfect for cards, coins…or even earbuds! Choose between timeless neutrals or make it more personal with seasonal colors like coral or butter yellow. You can also customize the look further by engraving initials in eleven different shades on either small of large font sizes – up to eight characters long! For longer trips, check out their larger custom pieces such as crossbody purses and totes so you always have everything close at hand no matter your destination.

Name-dropping napkins

At a gathering of friends in Miami, Hannah Morrill was treated to something special: La Croix served on her very own personalized paper napkins. Customizing the look and feel is easy with American Stationery – choose from an array of colors for both napkin and text, craft your message just so or add personal touches like motifs (Hannah’s friend opted for white with orange ink). Get ready to be wowed by how these little details can make such an impressive statement!

The cutest case

With the ever-increasing presence of our phones, it’s no surprise that we’re attached to them more than ever–literally. An average person checks their phone 300 times a day! But look on the bright side; with technology like Gripmunk’s customizable phone cases available, you can make that experience much brighter while adding an extra layer of protection against dings and scratches. On Smartish website, you can easily upload any image from pop culture – movie stills or popular memes included – for your personalized case in under a week…making sure when content solitude atop some mountain isn’t quite possible anymore, at least checking those endless notifications won’t feel so mundane!

Tie one on                               

Give your special someone a unique and memorable gift with our top-rated apron! Customize their kitchen apparel with text or initials of up to 10 characters, in an array of colors. Choose something timeless like “Medium Rare”, sultry such as “Yes, Chef” or fun edibles like “Hoagie” and more — the perfect combination that speaks to them is at your fingertips. This chef’s accessory comes complete with adjustable straps for sizes XS – XL along with a lifetime guarantee so they can savor it forevermore!

The night they’ll never forget

Mark the day that matters most with a beautiful, custom star map! Capture every meaningful moment in an enduring celestial image – from wedding anniversaries and graduation days to birthdays and PhDs. Complete your sky-scape masterpiece with specially chosen quotes, names, dates or locations for personalized text that truly expresses how you feel about these special occasions.

Drinkware perfect for family night … or every morning

Give the gift of personalized art with Uncommon Goods’ customizable mugs. Choose from a wide variety of templates and color palettes to craft your own one-of-a kind masterpiece – featuring friends, family members or even yourself! This ceramic canvas can carry 15 ounces of their favorite beverage while bringing joy each time it’s used. Many reviewers are delighted by this unique keepsake that celebrates those special someones in style!

Socks with faces

Expressing love has never been better than with custom face socks from DivvyUp! Upload an image of a special someone, choose your favorite colors or design print, and then wait for the perfect personalized gift to arrive. Create unique mugs featuring comical ID photos for co-workers, yearbook poses you haven’t seen in years old friends, even that beloved pup pal–all made from stretchy and soft durable materials. Show how much you care this season by making memories immortalized down to their toes!

Cuter toting

Surprise someone special with the perfect personalized tote bag! The L.L.Bean Boat and Tote offers heavy-duty cotton construction, tight stitching capable of holding up to 500 pounds (most likely no one will ever need it!) plus customizable options including size, color like deep mulberry or regatta blue; and handle length – regular or long. Add a personal touch by monogramming your loved ones initials onto the signature canvas fabric for an iconic look that is unmistakably theirs, now even available in all over matching colors too!

An understated ring

This unique signet ring is the perfect way to express personal style – and meaning. Crafted from solid gold, its closed back ensures it’s incredibly comfortable against your skin and will be cherished for years. Choose between rose gold, yellow gold or white styles and add up to three characters engravings in a variety of fonts at no additional cost! Senior editor Jen Hunter hasn’t taken hers off since receiving it as an unforgettable gift; maybe yours can become just as special?

A plush and personalized robe

Are you looking for a perfect accessory to keep your special someone warm this winter? Look no further than L.L.Bean’s cozy personalized fleece robes! Not only are these snuggly garments sure to be cherished, but they can even accommodate up to 10 characters of personalization with an array of thread colors – making them all the more unique and thoughtful as a gift. Incredibly comfortable, our deputy editor Christine Cyr Clisset found that her kids have been able to wear theirs “for several years” due its generous cut; so now it’s time for your family or friend group do the same!

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