The best solo board games

When you think of playing a board game, someone who sits alone on the table may not be the first thing that comes to mind. The social aspects of board games are clearly important, but a number of the best board games have puzzles to exercise even if you can’t join you. Array options for games that you can play Solo have grown rapidly over the past few years, but these five titles are the right place to start – and they are all available online or at your friendly local game shop.
Whether you are looking for a wide or evening adventure that quickly thinks, there is something in the Polygon guide for the best solo board game for you.


This comfortable game is all funny – but don’t let the exterior fool you. In Calico, you make a blanket in the hope that Kitties Cuddly will curl up and take a nap on it. Just like our real life cat friends, Calico’s pleasure is a mask that breaks its unexpected nature, savage animals. Hidden behind artwork and very colorful components is a tight puzzle that requires a surprising mental disgust – although not too extraordinary. You have to play your patch tiles pay attention to the pattern, color, and design target to maximize your score.
Despite the bite, Calico was easily studied and quickly played, and it gave a generous nod to a solo player in the form of a series of challenges and premade scenarios.

Box Game Against Avengers – Avengers Game Against

Box Game Against Avengers – Avengers Game Against

Its “Box Against Avenger! For fans of the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WARNING: Contains spoilers!
Box Against Avenger comes with 189 White Cards, 50 black cards.

This game includes crude and explicit language and is not intended for children. Avengers cards against humanity.

Small town

Small cities similar to Calico, with a sweet theme covering complicated spatial puzzles. This game makes you build titular villages by placing resources on a grid in certain forms to make buildings with unique assessment conditions. When your grid is getting smaller, your option is reduced and everything becomes a little more challenging.
In this solo version of this game, a stack of cards is what determines what resources you can place. No required opponents to make this game fun, and it’s windy to make it set and played.

Missing ruins from Arnak


If cute animals and spacing puzzles are not what you are looking for, you might find travel in the forest more attractive. The loss of Arnak ruins is a beautiful board game that combines building making (general in games like Magic: The Gathering, of course, but also in more competitive games like clank!) With the placement of workers (general mechanics that require you to put a strategic pawns Board to complete the task). Explore, research, and manage your fears to come out on top while exploring Arnak.
The solo version of this game displays automatic opponents driven by a stack of cards. Easy to manage, which makes it a good choice to play alone. The designers also recently released a solo campaign that stretched in several games and provided a few bends and turned to normal rules. You can play this campaign mode through the companion web application.

Spirit Island

Spirit Island is a brilliant game, although it is much heavier and more complicated than one of the previous recommendations. You take the role of the Spirit and be charged with protecting your island from attacking invaders. Each spirit has a unique power and card for it and contributes to the theme and character.
When playing with other people, Spirit Island is a co-op game, so you lose allies than opponents when you play solo. You get the most out of this best solo board game experience when you play two spirits at once so you can see how they interact, which means that the island of Spirit is a little more difficult to get to the table than others. However, the players come out of it what they put into it, and if you give wire island your time, there is a stellar return on investment.



Gloomhaven is a commitment of time, money, and even a decent space, but there are reasons popular. This epic adventure weave complicated campaigns full of decisions, characters that cannot be opened, increase trees, secrets, and stories. At the core of all it is a card game that involves that puts you in the classic crawling crawling scenario with a mechanical punchier than your usual chucker dice. There are lots of love here if you have a place at home and your schedule to dedicate to exploring the gloomhaven world.
The satisfying puzzle of a card-based battle system means you can enjoy everything yourself and still have fun. There is also a set of solo scenario for each character to hone your skills with your favorite hero. Gloomhaven.

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