Unique Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers & Equestrians

If you know someone who loves horses, you can’t be wrong with this prize for horse lovers. Take the beauty and majesty of the horse is not easy, but the following horse gifts do the best work, and will definitely be well received.

Blueprint horse

Horse Blueprint

The following are prizes that will definitely take special places in their homes. It features a blueprint for horses, both Arabic or original race, and shows important details of each. It looks good on the wall and goes with a horse-themed decoration.

Statue of reciprocal love

Loving horses often lead to reciprocal affection, which is beautifully arrested in this statue. This makes a very good part for every lover of a female horse, and is something that shows the bond made with these extraordinary animals. Displays a wooden base and has bronze.

Horses make me happy square

This summarizes it quite concisely, and is the perfect gift that will make them smile every time they read it, because it will make them think about horses. It can be placed on a table or table, or can be hung on the wall to save space.

Custom horse paintings.

Horses are a big part of the owner’s life, not only in size but also in personality. Make sure they remain in their vision and their hearts with special painted portraits. Taken from photos, extraordinary paintings like this can be completed in a number of different media.

Horse outer wall clock and thermometer

Horse Outdoor Wall Clock and Thermometer

Stunningly rustic and with a definite rustic vibe, this outdoor hours can be mounted onto the wall. Fade-resistant and weather resistant, the pieces have a thermometer on one side and analog clock on the other hand, and display a beautiful mid-canter horse at the top.

Blow glass horse ornaments

Whether they just love horses or want a way to insert a very missed pony, this fun Christmas tree ornament will make an amazing gift. Made from a delicious mouth glass, this detailed ornament is then painted and glittering so it will sparkle and shine throughout the Christmas season.

Sterling Silver Filigree Pendant Necklace

Beautifully smooth and very beautiful, this sterling silver pendant necklace will make fun gifts for horse lovers and those who work with this magnificent animal. Deferred on the 18 “Rolo chain, Open Standidle Horse Stand up middle, capturing light on the silhouette and detailed rope design inside.

Custom bryer horse figure

If you like portrait thinking but want to go further, then this is a way to do it. Just give a photo of a horse or horse bangs, and you will receive a detailed bryer animal model, measure roughly. 9 “high.

Calm power hand-painted plake

Quiet Strength Hand-Painted Horse Plaque

Willow tree statues seem to always capture the purity of their subject, and this hand-painted relief is a good example. Describing love and loyalty between a horse and its owner, this plaque has been thrown from the original engraving of the artist and then painted by hand.

Riding wood signs with personalized nameboard

An amazing way to add horse vibrations to the house, this sign comes in two parts. The top appears as shown, with 3D horse heads, riding texts, and details, while the bottom can be personalized with up to two lines of text, such as names and businesses.

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